Swellyroo Custom Clothing: Unique Baby Clothes

When learning that my brother and his wife would be welcoming a little “tidbit” into the world this April, I began to scour the stores for unique clothes for the baby girl. 408 “Princess” shirts later, I decided I was not going to find the types of clothing that I had in mind. So what does any resourceful artist do when we can’t find what we want? We make it of course!

Introducing SWELLYROO Custom Clothing!

Here are the first editions that were gifted to my niece Tidbit this past weekned at the shower in DC. A preview of my vision for Swellyroo clothing.

I have begun sewing the Swellyroo line already to include:

Diaper Covers, Bloomers, Pants, Dresses, Pinafores, Cardigans, Shirts, Headbands, & Shoes!

Check Back Soon for Updates!

5 responses to “Swellyroo Custom Clothing: Unique Baby Clothes

  1. Wow… Those are so cool, even I would look good wearing some! 😉

  2. Tidbit is just about the luckiest girl in the world!!

  3. Oh my God! You are a genius! You’re clothing line is going to be a HUGE success. God bless and good luck!

  4. Lovely! The Literary Baby is already so spoiled!

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